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Frequetnly Asked Questions:


1. How is this legal?

In 1952 the Supreme Court upheld Release Time Religious Education as being constitutional in all 50 states. Justice Williams O. Douglas, speaking for the majority, concluded that the first amendment prohibits governmental financing of religion or in taking religious instruction, it does not require the government to be hostile toward religion. So in 1952, the United States Supreme court approved Release Time Education.


2. Who can take the courses?

While any student can take our courses, we are primarily structured to reach students in the Montgomery County School system, the Vidalia City School system, and the Toombs County School system. The only requirement is that a student have written parent permission.


3. Is there tuition...?

NO, NO, NO, & NO. We do NOT charge any student a single penny to take any course we offer. We believe that it is our mission to provide Biblically based instruction and education to the students in our community at no cost to them. While some families can afford to send their students to private Christian schools to receive religious education, we understand that this is not the case with the majority of families; therefore, the CLC offers course for free.


4. Well, how is the CLC financed?

The CLC does not receive any tuition from students, nor does it receive any local or state educational funds from the public school system. We are completely dependant upon local churches, businesses, and individuals that are willing to invest in our ministry through donations and gifts. Without such support we cannot fulfill our mission. Would you consider partnering with us by giving? If so, click here to find out how.


5. What courses are taught? 

We offer the four courses listed below. Please click on the courses to find out more information regarding the specific topics covered in each class.


Survey of the Old Testament

Survey of the New Testament

Biblical Finances & Life Skills

Comparative Religion

Biblical Psychology


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