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Dixie Brown - Our Very First Student

As a second semester senior in high school I was reluctant to any more classes than necessary to get me out of Montgomery County High School. Thankfully, I had a mother who made my decision for me. I entered the Christian Learning class in a state of uncertainty. Uncertainty in myself, uncertainty in my future, uncertainty in my relationship with God, and uncertainty in what my mother had signed me up for, all the “normal” things a seventeen year old feels. Now, four years later, I can clearly see how the Christian Learning Center changed my life.

            This class was much more than another Sunday School or Wednesday Night meeting. Until this class, I had never experienced the Bible or its teachings in such depth. I had never truly thought about the history, the lessons, the applications or the sheer blessing that was given to us as humans in the form of a mere book. Surprisingly, this was only a small section of what we did. Financing, which truly came in handy in my college years, has been a useful tool that has only compounded upon itself. Using what I learned and with the help of my family, I was able to graduate from college debt free. I was able to work at least one job at a time, maintain a high honor’s GPA, travel, and even graduate early with money in my pocket. I was more than able to handle and plan my finances in ways that would put me on the path for success in the future and please God. Most recently, when shopping for a new (used) car, I used the Dave Ramsey philosophy of paying cash or doing without. I can honestly say that without the opportunity that the Christian Learning Center gave me, I would not have been able to do any of these things.

            Currently in my first year of teaching elementary school, married, and one thousand miles from home, the lessons and truths revealed to me through this program have not left my conscious. Even though I still have some uncertainties about tomorrow, I am certain about who my God is. I am so thankful to have been in the inaugural CLC class. 

"Life-Long" transformation is what it's all about!

If Dixie's story sparks a desire in you to see more students have such an opportunity while attending a public school, give today and be a part of the next story that God writes! Click Here to GIVE!

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