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Student Testimony


Those of us that run the Christian Learning Center could spend hours telling you about what the CLC is and what we do... but why not let our students just tell you how what we do has helped them grow as disciples of Jesus.



Meet Ethan, a student at Vidalia High

The Old Testament class I took was a great experience for me because it helped me have a stronger faith in Christ. The class furthered my knowledge of the Old Testament by strengthening my understanding of what happened to God's people after the United Monarchy (Saul, David, Solomon). My walk with God was impacted positively because prior to this class my knowledge of the Bible, specifically the Old Testament was incomplete. I'd tell others who wanted to take this class to definitely do it because it will strengthen their faith and its an enjoyable class!

Meet Trennton, a student at Vidalia High

The Old Testament class I took was extremely informative and something I looked forward to everyday. The class furthered my knowledge of the Old Testament by reading it everyday in-depth and answering our questions. My walk with God was impacted by learning more about God's personality and ways.

Allison, a student at Montgomery County High

"This year being in the Christian Learning Center class was really something I needed. I had been going through alot since my daddy was killed in May. I was in a bad spot and was beginning to not think straight, but God placed me in here for a reason. When my dads homicide happened I could not get the image that I could have stopped it out of my mind. But listening to the stories from the Bible in this class I understand that everything happens for a reason. This class has helped me move on and I don't know where I would be without it."

Meet Haylie, a student at Montgomery County High

Watch this 2 minute video and hear from her how her experience with the Christian Learning Center has changed her life!

Jose, a student at MCHS

"Before I got saved, I didn't see Jesus the way I see Him now. I was going on the path that He didn't want me to go. He saw the bad things I had done, the bad decisions I had made, and I was a lost person that needed help. Now that I got saved (just the other day in class) I feel like a new person. Im starting to see things differently now. God was waiting patiently for me to realize I needed to be saved. It has been a big impact in my life. I feel so much better now since then."

Kenna, a student at MCHS

"Before I got saved I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere in life. It felt like I was being held back. It seemed if no one was there for me... But now that I am saved I noticed my wrong doings and take control of what I do wrong. I wanted to change my lifestyle so I did. It is going to be a long process, but I know that I am strong enough to do anything in Jesus Christ who strengthens me."

Meet Sarah, a student at Vidalia High School

"This class has grown my relationship with Christ by showing me the background of my faith and how to use my resources to honor God. If I was talking to someone about CLC who was considering taking the class, I would say that it's amazing! If I could I would take this class again!"

Colby, a former CLC and Vidalia High student

"Before the Christian Learning Center (CLC) class I had plans to go to college and how everything would work, but my biggest worry was always student debt. I wanted to provide for my family, but it meant I could not take the career I’ve always dreamed of because the pay was very low. Because of my time in the CLC class I learned that the small steps matter. I'm going to be able to have job experience on a resume, have college paid for, and I’ll have plenty money to take care of my family and plan for retirement. It really released a lot of stress off of me to know that with a plan all of my dreams were possible. This class helped mature my relationship with God as well as my family and friends. Now I am equipped to live out my dreams of having a family, going to college, and pursuing the career I want because I am prepared financially for the future. Before this class I didn't see a way to live out those dreams but now I know I'm equipped to do all of it debt-free and with nowhere near the level of stress. This class made all of that possible.

Cassie, a student at Vidalia High School

"This class has helped me significantly. I've been going through alot lately and just having this class to sit down and do nothing but learning and talk about the Lord has been amazing. My classmates are pretty great. We all understand each other has a different opinion and we respect one another for that... I know that if it wasn't for this class I would be way off because between school and things with my family things have been tough. Just knowing I have a class period each day to do nothing but learn about God and what He is doing helps me. To know that if me or anyone I know needs praying for we will do that here. Its really helpful."

Briana, a student at Vidalia High School

"This class has been a blessing. I have learned so much about the Bible. I've learned how to have a real quiet time with God and that it doesn't always have to be serious or long. This class helps me throughout my day because its a break from being at "school" and all the negativity all day. The past year has been tough and along with my church, this class has really helped me realize that God loves me and has truly blessed me... I would definitely suggest this class to everyone. It is a great way to grow closer to God and learn more about Him."

Addison Lee, a student at Vidalia High School

"This class has helped me with my life by understanding things that I've never understood before. I live better for Jesus because before this class | thought being a good person was good enough. Now I stay in God's word which has improved my life. I've grown so much. I look at things differently than I did before and I am wiser when it comes to certain things. I have matured in my relationship with God and as a person because of this class."

Megan, a student at Vidalia High School

"This class has helped me grow so much in my relationship with God. I understand so much that I didn't before. Being in the Word every single day with a group of people that have so many different opinions shows the different ways Christ is working in each of our lives. Knowing that I have a group of people that understands each thing we all go through has been very beneficial to me. It's been a great way to get a better understanding of God's Word."

Ben, a student at Vidalia High School

"The biggest way this class has helped me is my prayer life. Because of this class I feel that I am able to communicate with God easier. Through clearer prayers I feel closer to Him. This semester has really given me a new perspective on the Bible too. Once I thought of the Bible as a text book full of rules I had to follow if I wanted to be a "good Christian," but now I see the Bible as my companion. The Bible is a tool God uses to speak to me. I use the Bible now when consulting God on what I should do or the choices I should make. This has brought me closer to God!"

Melanie Clark, mother of two CLC student from Montgomery County High (Kaityln & Karlie Clark pictured on right)


"I have two daughters at MCHS. Kaitlyn is a senior and Karlie is a junior. They are both attending the CLC class and it brings me so much joy to know that they can go to public school and the values that are taught at home are being reinforced in this class. This is the class that we discuss as a family more than any other. They are learning how to budget money and to honor God with their finances, they have been through the Gospels and learned how to share their faith with others. This class has truly impacted our family in a great way. I have seen so much growth in their Christian walks. The girls share with me how this class has not only helped them, but helped their friends also. CLC is changing the lives of our students and I am so thankful that my girls got to be part of it. Thank you CLC and thank you to all who make this possible!


Sam Johnson, Sophomore at Montgomery County High School


"This class has affected me in the greatest way possible. Since I started taking the CLC class I am now closer to God and have a better understanding than ever before. Not only have I learned how God has a plan for me and how to lead others to fulfill God's purpose through me, but also how to build and maintain wealth to give to others to help them in a Godly way. There is nothing I've learned in this class that won't help me and others in life. I know whatever situation I find myself in that I'm not alone and it's not pointless. Now that I have a greater knowledge of God and leading others, I have the urge to help bring people closer to having a relationship with Christ. This class is amazing!!"

Hailey Metts, Sophomore at Montgomery County High School


"Before this class I didn't share Christ with others, now I am sharing and leading other people towards Christ. This class has helped me realize that no matter what, Jesus Christ is always there... This class has been amazing, all of it... I have actually had a conversation with a friend and led them to Christ, which I wouldn't have done without this class."

Jenna Grace, Senior at Vidalia High School


"This class definitely has helped me grow and mature in my relationship with Jesus... My conversations have been more God related than they used to be. The biggest impact would have to be the time I spend in God's Word. I struggle with the whole quiet time thing and it was really like a slap in the face when the first thing we went over in this class was quiet times and journaling! Don't you love it when God does that?! I feel like this class has been an awesome opportunity for me, and so thankful for being able to take it."

Madison, Student at Vidalia High School


"This class has been a huge impact in my life. It has taught me how to view the scriptures differently and how to actually study, not just read, God's word. Although that has been a huge impact for me, I do believe that what has impacted me the most is seeing our teacher's passion for Christ, the way he presents God's word, and all the storires we've heard where God has done miraculous things right in front of him. I say all that to say, I WANT TO DO AND EXPERIENCE THOSE SAME THINGS! My heart and burning passion is to be a disciple and go into the minsitry field for my career. Absolutely nothing in this world makes me happier than learning more about the Lord and allowing Him to use me for His own good. This class is the highlight of my day! It makes me even more ready to attend Global Institute so that my whole day can be like this class. Not only is my relationship with Christ growing, but also my relationship with my family, friends, and everyone around me is growing because I'm learning more and more each day how to live my life Biblically!"


Skyler Baughman, Senior at Montgomery County High


“This class has affected my life in many ways including making my walk with Jesus priority #1. The number one thing that this class has helped me with, besides life skills, preparing for college, and biblical finances, is that it has helped my mental and physical growth in the Lord. Without this class I could never have seen my walk with Jesus as it is today, this class has taught me so much! I treasure having learned how to share the Romans Road to Redemption with others and how they can be saved!” 

Erick Jackson, Sophmore at Montgomery County High


“This class has changed me, I’m staying positive in everything. I keep a smile now because I know God is leading me on the right path. I actually got SAVED in this class. I’ve always been shy, but I faced my fears and I’m holdin’ on knowing that God is with me and the devil can’t stop me.” 

Will Harn, former Senior at Vidalia High School


"I've only been at the CLC for a few weeks and it already has impacted my life greatly! The biggest way God has spoken to me is through hearing about things God has done in the past. I am going through a time in my life that is requiring a lot of faith and learning how God has worked before is all about that. It has showed me the goodness and grace of God and that if I have faith in Him and follow Him He will bring joy and good to my life. This has happened within the first two weeks, so I'm super excited to see what God is going to do moving forward!"



Christian Jay, former Senior at Vidalia High School


"Lately I have had a deep hunger to know more about WHO God is. I want to know God in a more real way. Not just "know" but experience God in my life in a personal way. I want something more than daily rituals, more than a church service. As I have been praying and reading I can feel God stirring excitement in me more so than ever! As my focus has changed in my walk from doing the right thing to knowing and experiencing God, I have noticed my desires change, my mindset has changed. He has taken over my heart and my mind. I am excited to see where God is taking me.... This class has made me start thinking about my walk with God differently and how I approach my daily prayer and Bible times, it has changed the way I study the Bible... It has grown me and encouraged me to be closer to God."


Aria Leathers, Freshman at Montgomery County High


“The CLC has helped me understand the Bible and learn about God’s personality. It is helping me to grow as a Christian because before I didn’t claim any religion and now I’ve accepted the Lord Christ into my life… This class this semester has helped me BECOME a Christian.” 

Jacob Manning,  former Senior at Montgomery County High


“Through this class I’ve gained knowledge and understanding of how the world truly is. The world is a dark place, and it is up to us to be the light that shines into these people’s dark ways of living. This class has shaped me into a greater Christian. I’ve learned how to share the Gospel with people… This class is preparing me for my future… This class has strengthened my relationship with God. I’ve become more loving toward Him. I’ll continue to use what I’ve learned in this class and apply it to my life, and hopefully use it to change other’s along the way.” 

Montgomery County Christian Learning Center MoCo CLC

Whitney Wyche, former senior at Montgomery County High


“One of the phrases we learned in class was ‘God is more concerned with our holiness than our happiness’. I didn’t understand what this phrase really meant until I was deciding whether or not to continue my relationship with my boyfriend. In the relationship I felt as though I was being pulled away from God, but I thought I was so happy in the relationship. Then I reminded myself of what I learned and decided to apply it to my life. So I ended the relationship … although I was really sad at first, knowing that the decision I made was right before the eyes of God makes me happy…I’m excited everyday at the end of the day because I get to go to this class…. This class provides healing… I continue to grow stronger everyday. I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to take this class. It has changed my life…”


Dixie Richards, former senior at Montgomery County High


“Before (this class) I really didn’t care, wasn’t aware, and a relationship with Jesus wasn’t THAT big a deal to me. Through the class I learned that I had no idea. It has shaped and molded my view of God. The class is a huge encouragement to me…God has become real to me. Before he was just a part of the going to church thing, but now he is here all the time. Not only did the course material help me see that, it was our discussion and fellowship as a class… Here we are learning about who we are in Christ and real applications other than sharing the Gospel. Actually learning things that apply to everyday life from the Bible is great. This class has given me a lot of insight on Godly living… I love the class. I didn’t think I would enjoy the class, but I really do look forward to learning applicable things.

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